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Growing in self-awareness is critical for effective teamwork, leadership and self development. The Enneagram helps us develop greater compassion towards ourselves and others. A commitment to a self development journey contributes hugely to a committed workforce and a flourishing organisation.

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Create stronger, happier and more reflective teams

Greater levels of self-awareness and resilience serve your people particularly in pressured or conflictual situations.  A deeper understanding of yourself brings empathy, compassion and increased awareness of others. This results in a happier more fruitful team that will lead to stronger organisational performance. 

A flexible and honest approach

Our clients use us and keep using us because we are able to flex to suit their specific needs.  We are skilled and effective facilitators who are committed to our own inner-work which gives integrity to our work with others. We are also committed to working with our clients on a long-term basis as their teams develop, mature and flourish.

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The Enneagram
helps us to:

  • Build our self-observing capabilities
  • Gain deep insight into our automatic patterns, habitual modes of thinking, feeling and acting 
  • Spot what is happening in our ‘blindspots’
  • Understand our driving motivations and behaviours 
  • Build our capacity for kindness towards ourselves and others in our world 
  • Develop a deeper emotional intelligence

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Our mission is to help people everywhere to unearth and embrace their true self in order to live life with greater freedom, passion and purpose.

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